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Digital acceleration is rapidly increasing, with new companies being set up now and then. Right from big conglomerates to startups, everyone is implementing IT strategies to drive a digital shift in their industry. The Technology Consulting Services provider curates the tailor-made roadmap for your business to drive innovation and provide enhanced consumer experience using key technological trends. 

One of the largest producers of musical instruments worldwide is Yamaha. Please do not confuse it with the bike manufacturing that came later. It is one of the biggest musical instrument manufacturers based in Japan. Yamaha was stuck with its sales and needed help connecting with their end users. They took the services from the biggest technology consulting company, Deloitte. There was a rapid transformation in just seven weeks.

Deloitte used Salesforce and engaged the Yamahas’ viewers through social media channels. Yamaha was searching for ways to connect with social media users, but they were lagging. With Deloitte stepping into the game, the company saw better consumer engagement, increased productivity, and greater collaborations with many influencers and top artists. 

Yamaha took the tech services consulting services from Deloitte and to use their potential to their full capabilities. Deloitte recommended one integrated solution where they collaborated social media, sales, and marketing in one single-use system. Further, the tech consultants from Deloitte instilled trust and confidence into Yamaha’s team to upgrade their social media platforms and streamline their customer support functions.

Moreover, deployed a Chatter system to provide instant customer support, as agents can get details from their peers within a fraction of a second. Deloitte followed the impactful storytelling format to help clients improve their services. They even addressed 40 major issues that let Yamaha connect with its consumers fast.

Source: Deloitte

A Detailed Statistical Analysis Of Technology Consulting Services

Technology consulting has made waves in recent years, slowly showing growth during 2011 and remarkably increasing to a $471 billion industry in 2022. A ten-year gap drastically jumped from $351 billion to this massive figure. This is because many industries are witnessing a jump in deploying the right methodologies and solutions from reputed technology consultants.

The global IT Consulting industry market already stands at $107.35 billion, compounding at a CAGR of 11.4%. This market is expected to reach $165.58 billion by 2027. IT consultants are driving the market by providing the right cloud computing solutions, adapting to new technologies, growth in web development and computer networks and operational entities. 

Technology consulting firms such as Tntra are also pushing the limits of global industries in today’s Generative AI era. The consultants are leveraging the power of Generative AI to enhance innovation and acceleration in the digital world. The Generative AI market is already valued at $13.7 billion and is expected to increase to $165 billion by 2032. Venture Capital investments have increased to almost 425% between 2020 and 2022. The Generative AI market will impact various operations such as IT and Engineering, Sales and Marketing, HR and Training, Communications, etc.

The tech market is already thriving, with tech workers’ job postings showing a rise in 2022 and 2023. Along with IT consulting services, other technological roles, such as cyber experts, backend solution providers, and more, are also in demand. Deloitte, PwC, and Accenture have made 1 million job postings during this period. The job postings have increased at a rate of 6.9%. 

Is Technology Consulting Right for Your Firm?

We live in a digital world where top-notch technologies, such as Blockchain technology, big data analytics, cloud computing, AI, Generative AI, etc., have already made their mark. Technology is ever-changing, and the need for consultants will always rise. This field is full of skilled people.

Well, tech consulting is an important part of any industry to defeat the neck-breaking market competition already on the rise. The transformation programs, customer consulting, broadening the industry outlook, etc., fall under tech consulting.

Therefore, technology consulting from an experienced software product engineering company or professionals is necessary. It will help your firm analyze data, test, and customize the plans according to your industry requirements.

Sneak Peek into Technology Consulting Benefits

  • Grabbing the Extra Resources: Businesses can find new technological information through consultants, and they can effectively apply it. You can leverage new technologies to accelerate your commercial purpose.
  • Strategic Innovation: Tech consulting gives way to innovative ideas and bridges the gap between traditional company models by bridging digital acumen.
  • Proper Navigation of Digital Landscape: You can properly navigate the digital landscape by using the right software product engineering solutions, developing new tech products, optimizing your tech growth, and effectively adapting to new-age technologies. Digital Transformation will streamline your communication and collaboration.
  • Saving Money and Time: The best part of tech consultation is that you do not have to conduct A/B testing for your company. A good tech consultant will analyze your weak points carefully and let you use the technology that best fits your business. This way, you can focus on the core competencies of your business and save a good amount of time and money. 

Partner with the Best Technology Consultants in the Region!

Evolution in the technology landscape has made companies acquire and partner with the right tech consultants. Technology consulting is becoming integral to today’s digital world because of the influx of new technologies every year. In this situation, partner with the right digital partner, Tntra Technology Solutions, who provides effective and efficient business solutions. Our tech experts will optimize your data to make it the right fit for you.

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