You must be wondering why Vuejs ? Is it worth to learn Vue Js or not? In this article, you will see how Vue Js compares with other popular frameworks like React and Angular. I also share some of the cool features that make Vue stand out from the rest of them. Let’s take a look into this blog post and explore why hire Vue JS Developer has taken over Frontend development by storm and why should you learn it too.


What Is Vue.js?

Vue.js (pronounced /vjuː/, like view) was created by Evan You to be a progressive framework that is easy to learn and use. It provides data-reactive components with a simple and flexible API.
Vuejs allows for the use of its components within other frameworks, including React and Angular, which makes it an ideal tool for single-page applications (SPAs). The library also has great support for server-side rendering, giving users the ability to create powerful web apps that work across multiple devices.

Vue for Web App Development

VueJs is a progressive, incrementally adoptable JavaScript framework for building interactive interfaces. Originally designed as a view layer framework for the web, it has evolved to be used in many different contexts.

It offers a great balance of features and performance with an intuitive API that makes it a breeze to build simple yet powerful user interfaces. In particular, its reactivity system provides data-driven changes without the need for manual DOM manipulation.

VueJs Native for Mobile App Development

VueJs Native also offers a native mobile app development platform, allowing developers to design and build fully functioning mobile apps using only JavaScript.

This easy-to-learn tool leverages the power of Webpack to seamlessly compile components written in Vue into native iOS and Android apps with minimum configuration requirements. The end result are lightweight apps that require no web browser or other technology like Cordova or React Native to be installed on the device.

How Does Vue Compare To Angular And React?

Vue competes with Angular and React by having a more simple, lightweight framework. It also allows developers to use the same code on both the backend and front-end of their applications. There are some differences in how these three frameworks work, though.

Angular and React are more general purpose frameworks that can be used for any type of app, while Vue has been designed specifically for apps that need to be fast and light on resources like games or mobile apps.

They’re different in other ways as well; React is mostly focused on the view layer of an application while Vue emphasizes separation between logic and presentation, which makes it easier to maintain a large project.
However, when it comes down to performance, all three frameworks have shown themselves capable of handling high load websites without significant slowdowns.

Benefits Of Using Vue With Laravel

The benefits of using Vue with Laravel are as follows:
1. Easy to learn and use
2. Faster than Angular or React
3. Good Documentation
4. Decent Community Support 5. Familiar syntax to Angular developers, so they can code more easily in Vue
6. Developed by a company that also develops Laravel, so it knows how the framework works
7. Has a good collection of components that you can use without having to build your own

Why choose Vue over React?

The best reason to choose Vue over React is because it’s so easy to use, and there are a lot of really great tutorials on the internet. React requires knowledge of JavaScript, which can take time and resources to learn. If you’ve never used either one before, then you might want to start with React because it will be a little more challenging for beginners.

However, if you have used both before and are looking for something new, then I would recommend starting with Vue. You should also keep in mind that React seems like the more popular framework right now so it may be harder to find help when things go wrong.

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