React Native Web Framework

Connect with any web application development company, and you will find that React Native is a highly preferred option for them to go about with their development process. And why not? After all, this framework just shook the world by offering a way to develop Android and iOS apps together.

And with a lot of flexibility at that!

If you belong to the layman community and are here, you should know that both Android and iOS apps have their native languages for coding: Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android. Different languages for varying platforms make development a time-consuming prospect for teams too. 

This is where cross-platform application development has picked up both pace and relevance for the developer community. 

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React Native Framework: A Brief Refresher

Developed by Facebook on its development framework, React Native is an open-source mobile framework that facilitates the development of Android and iOS apps together via a single language. 

Technically, components like Input, Modal, Text, and Button get mapped into platform-specific versions, where the codebase stays the same. This makes it possible for React Native to support other platforms like macOS, Windows, and Web, among others. 

The React Native framework began its days with a Hackathon project from Facebook, by discovering a process to create UI pieces for different iOS apps. This makes it obvious that the first intention of the framework was towards iOS and became comprehensive after Facebook (now Meta) provided it with Android support as well.

Benefits of React Native Framework for Web App Development Services

As per Statista, React Native is still a very close second to Flutter as a preferred language for cross-platform development among developers. This is because the framework offers significant advantages to the developer community for their development processes. 

A few of them are given below:

  • Extensive Community Support
    • Being an open-source, cross-platform development framework works well for React Native’s cause, facilitating React developers to access all crucial documentation for their project requirements free of cost. This opens up avenues for developers to contribute in whatever capacity they can.
    • Forum discussions also allow developers to guide and provide new developers with their insights and look into live ongoing React projects for feedback on the same. All in all, the level of collaboration with React Native is a huge positive. 
  • Superior Performance Levels
    • React Native apps perform at supremely high levels of efficiency because they can leverage the graphical processing units of applications to boost their performance speeds. 
    • The native UI components in React Native apps help enhance the performance and user experience, which stays highly consistent and gets enhanced regularly with the right React Native development services. 
  • All-Immersive Libraries
    • React Native has predefined UI components, which means that all codes are already written, and just their implementation in the right direction is required. To add to this ease, there are a lot of libraries to ease out the overall process for React Native app developers
    • Jest, Enzyme, Mocha, and Chai are just a few of the libraries that assist developers in writing bug-free codes, which greatly affects all React Native developers. 
  • The Code can be Reused Time and Again
    • This one is right there as one of the most significant advantages of choosing React Native for app development. The fact that almost 90% of the total Code can be used for both Android and iOS leads to the saving of a lot of time and extra effort on the part of developers, not to mention that they don’t need to carry separate iOS and Android devices with them. 
    • Also aiding our point is that these web app development codes written in React can be reused to build a mobile app, which is cool!
  • The Live and Hot Reloading Feature for React
    • Live reloading is a feature that allows the Code to refresh quickly without any hassle. This feature is directed to offer the best developer experience possible. 
    • As far as the hot reloading feature is concerned, it’s another excellent feature of React Native. A particular file that has been recently edited or changed gets refreshed but also keeps the original app status intact. 
  • The Help with Modular Architecture
    • Modular programming has become a rage in today’s time among developers simply because of the ease it gets in store. Modularity enables a program to be divided into various free blocks known as modules. 
    • A modular architecture offers a lot of flexibility in the development process. It ensures timely updates, helping every software development company develop with more speed and efficiency because of its intuitive nature. 

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At the Close

The importance of React Native is known worldwide among the developer community, mostly because of the many things it brings to the table- reducing costs, boosting development speed, and making use of relevant technologies like JavaScript in the process. 

But when we talk about the most impactful factors, it has to be the reusability of codes and modules, cross-platform stability, and live and hot reloading take top honors from the technical standpoint. Top it all off with the huge libraries and an ever-evolving developer community, and it’s not difficult to understand why React Native just works!

React Native is really fast and gives the best performance for web applications. It also offers a flexible development environment. Therefore it is one of the best choices for any web development project.

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