Due to the fierce competition between the many different brands and retail outlets, every business strives to build customer loyalty by creating functional and visually pleasing products. The concept of cash-back is one of these methods, especially in countries where credit cards are commonly used to make larger purchases. 

Everything, from investments to money transfers, is moving toward paperless transactions. The world economy is moving toward the digital ecosystem, as implied by this statement. Cryptocurrency is the latest innovation in the digital payment market.

Each customer’s purchase amount is returned to them in various ways. Regarding cryptocurrency trading, the Crypto StormX (STMX) project intends to connect the retail market to the virtual currency world.

Understanding StormX

Ethereum’s StormX Token (STMX) is an ERC-20-compliant token. As of this writing, all 10 billion of this token’s supply are in use. At this time, the STMX Token is trading at a value of $ 291 million. This coin is ranked 183rd out of all the altcoins out there. During the first months of 2018, this token’s highest price was $0.24. On March 13, 2020, this currency was trading at $0.0005 per unit.

StormX Digital Currency Project is launching an online platform where users can collect various stores and receive discounts to provide services and earn money. According to the network’s performance model, this platform allows users to take advantage of a wide range of discounts by making online purchases from participating stores, which can then be recouped cryptographically.

It’s a win-win situation for customers and the StormX project, as the latter gets paid for providing these services and thus makes money. A dual-platform approach has been adopted in the global Storm market.

Users can earn cryptocurrency through the StormX Digital Currency Project, an innovative idea in the cryptocurrencies and blockchain, available as a Chrome extension. Additionally, on this platform, there are other ways to earn money, such as participating in defined activities or depositing STMX tokens.

Many service providers on the StormX platform can now accept cryptocurrencies, and more will be added to the platform regularly in the future.

What is StormX Clone?

To get started with a cryptocurrency cashback app right away, the StormX Clone provides ready-made solutions. It has built-in features and a business model to help you run a successful cryptocurrency rewards platform. Before diving into creating a StormX-like app, it’s essential to understand some of the fundamentals.

Working on StormX Clone

Users of the Storm network only need to download and install the Chrome app or extension to begin using this network. It’s possible to earn a cryptographic reward every time they buy something from a store in the global Storm market after installing this program. Depending on the level of use and the type of store, these bonuses can range from 0.5 percent to 85 percent. This platform has allowed users to make money while still utilizing StormX tokens.

Essential Features of StormX Clone

Before knowing How to Develop StormX Clone, let’s explore some distinct features that are considered its most important ones:


This project’s most critical component is the service’s store section. Traditional businesses will be able to reach new customers thanks to this project. Each brand will receive a portion of every customer’s purchase under the terms of their agreement with this project. The user will receive a purchase point if the StormX app or plugin is activated at the time of purchase. The company has a global network of more than 1,000 retail locations. The list of parties contracted by the company includes well-known names.

Group Investment

STMX tokens can be stored in the wallet associated with STMX tokens to gain additional points. A token holder can earn six different levels of STMX tokens. With these incentive tiers, you’ll get more prizes and get your money back faster because the coefficient of each tier’s reward increases.


When this project got off the ground, it launched with the Play section. Passwords could be generated from the points accrued by users in this section by participating in the activities dictated by the contracted collections. In many countries around the world, this section has been deactivated. This is due to a lack of sponsors and an inability to design a satisfying and user-friendly experience.


Singular value cash registers can be considered a decentralized form of escrow in this section. StormX tokens (STMX) can be deposited in this section by connecting wallets and receiving a reward from the same token. This business is currently making an annual profit of around 10%.

Cash Card

StormX has just released a new service. Users of this project in the United States can register on the site and wait in line for the company’s cash cards. When making in-person purchases at contract stores, STMX tokens can be deposited into the account of these cardholders. As soon as you make a purchase, your cryptocurrency is instantly converted to fiat currency and transferred to your store’s account. This card can also be used to withdraw Fiat currency from ATMs, with a daily withdrawal limit of $500. Because this card is compatible with Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay, it has many advantages.

Why Should You Launch the StormX Clone Platform?

As smartphones become more widely used, the number of people who own one grows exponentially. Even though the reasons for using them range from simply shopping to ordering a product, their importance cannot be denied. The entire world has gone digital, and our economy has followed suit.

The best way to gain some users and enter the crypto-based shopping market is to create a mobile application. Entrepreneurs like you are jumping on the crypto cashback bandwagon because of the rise in downloads and mobile users.

With nearly everyone owning a smartphone, adoption is soaring. Even though the reasons for their use range from just shopping to ordering a product, they have become a vital part of our lives. Our economy has been entirely computerized, and the globe has followed suit.

It’s, therefore, best to create a mobile app to gain some customers and enter the crypto-based retail sector. Entrepreneurs like you are jumping on the crypto cashback bandwagon because of the rise in mobile downloads and users.


StormX aims to revolutionize the area by combining blockchain technology with a data-backward response, such as a backend. By lowering advertising expenses, businesses can persuade their customers to buy more. Customers who shop at a store might also receive additional privileges and compensation for their loyalty. When dealing with micropayments, StormX was able to meet the demands and expectations of its customers by inventing an innovative strategy for aggregating transactions and reducing network transaction costs.

StormX, a cryptocurrency cashback platform, can be quickly built with the help of a partnership with the most reputable Blockchain Development Company in the world for several years. You can make money and enter the digital economy using our platform, which has many features and functionalities. You can easily begin to enter this next generational industry.

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